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-Wingnut- has been immersed in the realm of artistry throughout his entire life, dedicating over two decades in the tattoo industry. Along this artistic journey, he achieved the World Record for the Smallest Tattoo of a Painting (a Monet), and earned many awards and featured spots in prestigious publications.


Transitioning from tattoo machines to brushes and canvases, -Wingnut- introduced us to his creation, “The Red People.” They have captivated global audiences, notably making a significant impact at Spectrum Red Dot Miami Art Week 2023.


Embodying the profound message, “No Face, No Race, We're All the Same,” -Wingnut-'s art transcends boundaries, resonating deeply with audiences across the globe.

Giving Back

We believe in the power of art to make a difference. Thanks to the sales of our unique merchandise, including prints and products featuring "The Red People," we are able to donate a portion of our proceeds to support the homeless, various charities, and foundations.


Our commitment to this cause is fueled by the success and support of our customers, allowing us to contribute to meaningful community initiatives. Join us in celebrating the unity and diversity of humanity through our art, and help us make a positive impact on those in need.

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