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Magical Midway

Magical Midway :

The smell of cotton candy, funnel cakes and carmel apples fill the air. The sound of screaming can be heard coming from rides the moment you pull into the parking lot. Lights and bells are going off continuously as new winners are excited to show off their winnings from the carnival games.

The Yearly Fair has something for everyone, but it has one thing in it unlike any other and that's the Midway. It's a magical place in the heart of the fair that you can feel what the fair really is all about. A spot where you see everything from the games, the food, and even the path to rides and more. It's where you can become a child again and feel the enjoyment of letting yourself splurge on foods that arent good for you and ride rides that have an extra sense of fear added to them being that they are put together and broken down every few weeks. You can feel the rush of excitement while enjoying winning a prize even if the feeling only lasts that night. You might even get to share a nice date with someone special for the night.

No matter what brings you to visit the fair don't forget to feel the magic of the midway, let free and enjoy the experience.

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