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Meet Sam

Meet Sam,


Sam is a Middle child from a Divorced family, who lives with his father and little sister in what was once a loving home.

He’s struggled with things the past few years since his mother Abandoned the family.

While everyone was at school and work one day, she packed up all of her things and left.

Sam's complete family for so many years had disappeared in an instant and was gone forever.

Sam found it very hard to accept what had happened. His grades started to fall and his attitude towards things was changing. Everything in his life was changing and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

His father who was always nice with him has become angry and takes things out on him. He began to start fearing his father’s wrath as all was directed towards him. His mother who has nothing to do with him now adds to the fire by paying only attention to his little sister. 

Sam had become an outcast of the family he was once an important member of.

Sam used to be a happy little guy who enjoyed playing outside with his sister and exploring the world. Now Sam has become quiet and alone. The once used bikes and skates are now sitting collecting dust. The fun and laughter from siblings can be heard no more. Outside visits have now turned into long hours alone in a room.

The life and innocence that Sam had once had has been extinguished by the blanket of depression and anger. 

This is now Sam's life…meet Sam.

Divorce is a double sided blade and it cuts all of those involved.

Two people who once were in love and made a family together, have now come to a point where they love no more.

Children caught in the middle of a divorce with no say, but being pulled back and forth like rag dolls.

In the end everyone gets hurt in a divorce, but the children are innocent victims.

Sam is a victim of divorce like many others are.

If you are anyone you know is going through a divorce and having a rough time, do not hesitate to reach out for help. 

There are people who care and can help with what is happening and going on.

Sending Positive Energy to All of Those Who Need it.

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