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Neglect is Abuse Too 😕

Imagine this with me...

You bring a Beautiful little baby into the world and then you aren't around.

It starts to get to hard or too much to handle and deal with so you pass them off to spouses, relatives and others to care for them.

You begin to find creative ways to stay later at work or come around only when the baby is sleeping or being taken care of by others.

This little baby needs you, they are dependent on you, but you aren't there. The connections and bonds that should be building aren't, and the baby grows and becomes older.

Now, growing as a child who has learned and developed on their own while being ignored, real emotions and traits have happened. Depression, Hopelessness, Low Self-worth, Mental Issues all developed from this mental abuse and neglect.

Neglecting your child may not seem like much, but it is a Big Deal. The amount of damage emotionally and mentally by not being around and spending time with them creates a lifetime of emotions and thoughts that will last with them for life. Not to speak of animosity that can come from this.

This is not childhood.

This is not right.

A Child is a gift, a Choice, and a Responsibility that you can't just ignore and walk away from. You have to be there for your child, you have to love your child, you have to be there for them and teach them.

Neglect is Abuse and no one should be ignored and left alone.

What's your Story...?

If you or someone you know is being abused do not hesitate to reach out for help. There are People who care and can help.


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