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This is Not the Answer 😐

No matter how hard life gets, there are other options.

You are more important to this world than you know and the whole world would change if you were not here.

I ask everyone to never take a Temporary Problem you have and solve it with a Permanent Solution.

Suicide...a scary word that has been made to be a bad thing rather than something we can See and help more with then avoid and let keep happening.

We can help by educating others on the signs to look for so we can start helping others who might not reach out for help on their own.

We are all one human family...why don't we help everyone to be and stay part of our Family?

If you or someone you know is having Suicidal thoughts or wanting to harm yourself or someone do not hesitate to reach out for help. There are People who care and can help.

If You are Interested in Working Together, Articles, Features, Collaborations, Commissions, or Collecting DM to Discuss 🙂

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